DVDs of TAR CREEK are available to purchase or rent for theatrical, educational, community, and home screenings.

For university, college, high school, and community screenings, please contact our distributor Bullfrog Films toll free at 1-800-543-3764 or email them at

If you’d like to purchase your own personal home DVD copy of TAR CREEK, you can receive them by using PayPal or by sending a check. We had an e-commerce option, but it became too expensive. Please send $25 through PayPal to or via snail mail to:


3529 Quivas Street

Denver, CO 80211

We will get a DVD out to you straight away. Make checks payable to JUMP THE FENCE PRODUCTIONS. Please note these DVDs are not licensed for public exhibitions; use in these settings is a violation of copyright. Cool?

iTUNES DOWNLOADS & Netflix Streaming
It was available on Netflix for a couple of years, but that ended on Nov 5, 2015. We are trying to get it into Hulu and/or Amazon Prime. If you have any connections, hook a brother up. iTunes has continually made it more difficult and expensive to make this viable.

For theatrical bookings, film festivals, foreign sales, speaking engagements, horoscopes, or bourbon recommendations, please contact the filmmakers at We’re glad to help.

And if for any reason you cannot afford a copy or download and would like to see it, just send us an email and we will figure something out.