Host a Screening

Across the country, hundreds of clean-up areas pose vast health and ecological risks to the communities that surround them. This winter and spring, host a screening of TAR CREEK and bring the lessons learned at Tar Creek to your community. We invite you to host your own public screening in your town, school, campus, church, festival, or organization. With your help, we can share the story of TAR CREEK to help environmentally compromised communities across North America safeguard their health, protect their land, and assert their environmental rights.

To host a public screening and order a screening kit, download the hosting application below. Or contact us at or 303.523.7331. We’d love to hear from you.

Book Offline

If you are a librarian or educator interested in purchasing TAR CREEK for your collection or curricular use, please call 303.523.7331 to place an order.